Composition Practice 6: Revised Essay

Essay Topic: What are advantages and disadvantages of being constantly surrounded by advertisement? (30 minutes / 30 words)

Have you ever found those banner advertisements -- those ubiquitous ads on the Net that constantly appear on your computer screen -- annoying? (Attention grabber) Some would completely agree with me. Others woudldn't, saying they offer instant access to attractive products. (Argument in a nutshell) My own view is a qualified yes (Thesis statement) : admittedly, having access to the things that we need to buy or might be interested in purchasing while saving time and labor to look for such things is nice. On the other hand, the flipside of such convenience is that it prompts to buy unnecessary items. I think this is one of the disadvantages of constant exposure to advertisements.

Advertisements can be convenient when you need to buy things that you really want. (Topic sentence) These days, Internet advertisements with direct links crops up everywhere, constantly exposing us to product information. Certainly, it is convenient for us to visit Web sites with one click of the mouse and make purchases within a few minutes. (Explanation) For instance, I always buy nutrition supplements through the Internet because they generally have better deals than drug stores in town. When I am busy, and almost forget to buy the supplements that I need, Internet advertisements or recommendations of related links that enable me to purchase what I need instantly are truly convenient. (Example) That being said, ther are some adverse effects. (Bridge to the following paragraph)

The convenience we get from constant advertising on the Net can be much less beneficial when we fail to handle it properly. (Topic sentence) It elicits urges to buy things that are in fact unnecessary if you think carefully. Here is a case in point. (Introduction to Example) The other day, I was browsing my Facebook page and saw an advertisement of some new medicine. Although I had no intention to buy anyhting then, I was attracted by the product and almost clicked on a purchase button on their Web site. (Example) Advertisements are strategically deployed to attract potential customers, and we tend to succumb to such attraciton. In other words, we are constantly at the risk of wasting money on things we don't really need. We, therefore, should know how to handle advertisements in a way that we do not spend our valuable money on unnecessary things. Constant advertisements ca be dangerous.(Recap the topic sentence)

To sum up, when we are constantly surrounded by advertisements, we need to weight up the advantages and disadvantages, i.e. the convenience of being able to buy necessary items and the risk of spending money on unnecessary items. (Restate the thesis) One way to deal with it is that we raise our consciousness about such factors so that we may always make sensible decisions. (Close the essay)



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