QW 092712 “Alter ego”

Last night’s online English lesson was a bit different than usual. Or it could be usual considering what the tutor and I are always like during lessons. Recently, I often reserve a class with a female tutor who’s raising her son at home. She’s a busy but caring working mother, to whom I’d really like to pay my sincere respect. She’s a competent English tutor whose English proficiency is superb, as well as a good listener. Whenever I take her classes, it’s usually the case with me to digress dramatically from what I had planned to do with the tutor for a class.

Last night we talked about blogging and tweeting. I had already told her that I’ve been blogging and tweeting in English as part of my English learning, and she had read several of my blog posts. I was very flattered when she mentioned that my writing skills are as good as those of my speaking, saying that those who can speak fluently don’t necessarily have solid writing skills. Anyway, though, she typed this keyword for me for the record in the chat box on Skype; alter ego.

Alter ego is “a second self, or another aspect of one's self” according to Dictionary.com The keyword rang my bell as soon as it popped out of her mouth. Oh yes, whenever I tweet or Quick Write in English, it’s technically “me” who writes those postings, but it’s just not exactly what I am. It feels like I’m being someone else, “alter ego” so to speak, and the “someone” directs me to write something. Have you ever had such a feeling? I think you have.

Anything I write or read in the blogosphere or twitterverse must be elaborate or random products of those alter egos. I could be lying if I said I have no interest in knowing what lies beneath all those alter egos of the people I know online. At the same time, though, I’m trying to be convinced that I’m already super-fortunate to be able to get to know my favorite people online through their alter egos. I would cherish them as if I were looking at beautiful indigenous wild flowers, knowing full well that I’d definitely spoil them and lose them forever if I did otherwise.

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