QW 081312 “Super-eloquent teacher?”

Since my pronunciation teacher closed all his time slots, I kept looking for new teachers with whom I’d feel comfortable learning English. When I say comfortable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the teachers are accommodating, kind or hospitable. Being comfortable learning from particular teachers means to me that they’re almost impeccable in speaking English in any aspects, pronunciation, accent, fluency, eloquence, vocabulary use, and grammar included. I’d value teachers’ English proficiencies rather than teaching skills when it comes to learning from those online L2er teachers. The reason why I’d think that way might be that I consider them more as conversation partners than English tutors. Of course I’m always willing to learn the English language they’re using, and they’re the one who teach me, but I can learn a lot of things from the teachers by myself as long as the teachers provide abundant language samples good enough for me to emulate.

Last Saturday, I talked with a new teacher who I thought was a very good speaker of English. He speaks fairly good English on his self-introduction audio file, so I made a reservation with him. It turns out, he was good, but not super-good. On the way to work this morning, I listened to our recorded lesson to check my speech during a 25 minute lesson. He is a very good speaker of English and his eloquence is amazing, which, in some cases, makes an English teacher a bad listener, actually. The thing is, during the last 5 minutes of our lesson, it was only he who talked. He was speaking literally “nonstop”, trying to explain how people in his country subscribe mobile phone services. With due respect to his effort to make himself understood, I lost interest in his talk after 3 minutes passed. That’s a pitfall for a teacher like him to fall into, I’m afraid. And I think I’m capable of taking conversation turns from a speaker like him, by the way. He was just “non-stop”.

At the end of the lesson, he told me that I’m very easy to teach. I was like, “What?” In fact, I’m not very comfortable to hear any English teacher of mine say I’m an easy student. I’m not sure what makes me say so. I’ll figure out what that is, eventually. And I’ll stick to this eloquent teacher with whom I have not yet started feeling comfortable. I’d like to learn how to “grab” turns from someone who talks non-stop, and keep “our” ball rolling. Yeah, I’m a tad exaggerating.

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