QW 080512 “An English learning teenager”

Q: Were you serious about learning the language back then?
A: Definitely yes. I started from penmanship at a junior high, learning cursive and block letters, and moved onto getting the same old “This-is-a-pen” type instructions. It was just a miracle that I didn’t lose interest in learning the language. Seemingly the novelty to learn “any” language kept me going further although instructional materials were kind of boring and tasks were mechanical.

Q: Were you learning English mainly from textbooks?
A: Probably no. Strongly influenced by my four-year-older brother, I started listening to rock music intensively at the age of 13. Since then, my exposure to English was not only from instructional materials but also from music. Music and music-related stuff have always been what I learn the language from most, and still is.

Q: Do you consider yourself as a happy English learning teenager?
A: I think so. I was learning something new every day back then. There was no cable TV that airs dramas or sit coms, nor Youtube videos posted by native speakers of English. Still, I was seeking every possible opportunity to be exposed to English spoken by those “cool” natives. I very much remember listening to recorded interviews of my favorite musicians from a radio program over and over, and copying the way they spoke. I didn’t completely understand what they were talking about, though. I also frequented a book store that carried a wide range of foreign music magazines and tried reading them. I didn’t completely understand what was written there, either, but tried comprehending no matter how long it would’ve taken. I totally absorbed myself in English learning every day. That was one of the happiest moments in my life, really.

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This is the song of KISS that got me hooked on them at the age of 13. I listened to the song 100 times a day. And I'm not exaggerating.
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