QW 073112 “Everything in its place”

Last Friday was supposed to be the day when I could’ve ecstatically celebrated the completion of the spring semester of the university where I’m teaching. It turned out, however, to be the day during which I was trying hard to ignore uneasy, wistful feelings deep down. The night before, my pronunciation project was on the verge of collapse. Well, that’s a little bit of exaggeration, but it was true that I had to confront the situation in which there’d need to be a drastic change in my pronunciation training. Okay, no more cliff-hanger here. In a nutshell, my respected and beloved pronunciation teacher was going to quit the job. When he told me about his intention, literally out of the blue, I tried hard to convince myself that nothing lasts forever and I shouldn’t take anything for granted. I was subconsciously aware that he was not going to keep the job very long, so I’ve tried taking as many classes as possible while he’s available on the teacher slot for the past few months. I thought I was ready for the Day, but it came so abruptly.

Fortunately, his intention hasn’t become reality yet. There was an awkward moment between us when we talked last night right after the serious conversation was exchanged between us last Thursday. As the time went by, however, everything got back in its place. I noticed there’s a slight but noticeable change in his attitude of teaching. I’m not 100% sure, but I have a sense that he’s now determined to be a completely professional teacher there. I can say that teaching is not always fun and interesting just like so many other jobs. He is a great private pronunciation teacher for me, but I have different philosophy and attitudes as a teacher than the ones he has. His decision that he’d keep up the job for a while was something that I’d as absolutely agree with as an English teacher, as well as something that I’d heartily appreciate as an English learner who’s learning the language from this talented teacher.

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