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Today’s discussion article: Youth Lacks Social Skills Needed for First Job

Discussion A
1) How can the government help young people like Neets get the necessary skills for work?
One instant idea is that the government offers training for those young people to acquire job-related skills, but I think such training program won’t be successful unless there’d be career opportunities promised for those who finished the program. Besides, the skills needed for getting an entry-level job, according to the article, cannot necessarily be taught in any kind of trainings. Another way would be that the government sets regulations for companies to hire a certain number of youths and assure them a job for at least three years, but it may almost be impossible. Unskilled workers among such young people could impair companies’ productivity and profits, so companies hate to follow such regulations.

2) Do schools in your country prepare students enough for their careers? Why or why not?
To be honest, career education or support isn’t enough provided to students in Japan as I see it. Why I say so is that schools in Japan, generally speaking, are eager only to enroll students and secure enough entrants to sustain their school, and do not very much care about the future of their graduates. Some of the schools have established supportive alumni connections to offer job opportunities to graduates, though.

Discussion B
1) In your opinion, how can we reduce the number of unemployed young people?
First, more jobs need to be created. In order to do so, the economy should be revitalized. Also, young people need to have clear perspectives on future career from their early age. Lastly, parents and guardians should be good role models for young people to follow, career-wise.

2) Do young people in your country also experience the same problem? How is it affecting your country?
Young people in Japan have started suffering the same problem. The situation hits hard especially on those who quit their entry-level jobs in a couple of years after they got one. It’s not easy for those people to get another job with the same level of payment and benefits. The thing is, the more young people remain jobless, the more unstable our society gets, I’m afraid.

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