QW 071212 “Thought Process & Speech Rate”

My pronunciation teacher and I talked about how important to control speech rate to communicate with people effectively. In fact, I’ve been having an issue regarding my speech rate in both Japanese and English. In the beginning of my pronunciation project, the teacher constantly pointed out the urgency in my speech, which I had been aware of myself. It was like “I wanted to read as I understand” kind of selfishness as I’ve diagnosed. I’m not boasting my skills here, y the way. In fact I’m doing the opposite. In terms of speaking English as a second language, those L2ers, more or less, want to demonstrate how fluently or eloquently they can speak the language. It’s also likely that fear or pressure that they shouldn’t sound like a poor speaker may force L2ers to speak unreasonably fast. I’m saying I was one of those people. Am I making sense?

Tonight my pronunciation teacher advised me to slow down my thought process to be a better speaker of English: When the thought process goes fast, the speech gets fast as well. The accelerated speech can leave listeners behind, making a speaker less understood. When multiple thoughts overlap, the speech gets unorganized, spoiling communication with both the listeners and anything in a speaker’s mind.

My pronunciation teacher told me that he had realized the importance of controlling his thought process and speech rate when he started teaching pronunciation in a physical classroom. He used to be a very fast speaker as a DJ who talked to virtual listeners in front of a microphone. It was when he was with physical listeners, his students in classroom, that he thought he needed to “communicate”. He often tells me that I should communicate with any article that I’m on. I shouldn’t just read what is written. I need to communicate with anything I’m reading aloud. Tonight I was sort of enlightened by my pronunciation teacher. Not the first time, though.

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