QW 071112 “Even article writers err”

Just an hour ago my quasi-daily online English lesson was finished. I wasn’t able to book a class last night because I had been suffering a bad cold for days. That makes me look forward to taking a lesson tonight even more. Our class went smoothly and the teacher gave me feedback on pronunciation of those five words: prioritize, laureate, protect, waivered, initiated. It looks like I still haven’t got over with errors on schwa and diphthongs such as [ay] and [ey].

Aside from pronunciation stuff, we talked about grammatical errors on today’s Daily News Article, “Nobel Winner Requests Foreign Investments to Create Jobs” Those discussion articles are no stranger to grammatical errors, which even L2er like me can easily locate. In fact it’s not a bad thing for us to read articles with errors. Recognizing errors and correcting them is a good grammar exercise. My pronunciation teacher told me that he finds at least one or two error in every single Daily News Article that he reads, and I don’t think he’s exaggerating.

The following is the parts of today’s article he pointed out as errors. Can you tell how sentences should be corrected?

1) The lack of jobs forces countless of people in Myanmar to seek employment abroad, particularly in Thailand.
Hint: “Countless” is the same as “some” or “most”?

2) Suu Kyi says business investors should not be involved in corruption and money hoarding because Myanmar is already facing other problems. One of which is high unemployment rate.
Hint: Comma or period?

Regarding 2), I’ve seen sentences that start with “which” in articles and essays, but 2) still can be regarded ungrammatical because “One of which…” looks like a fragment of the preceding sentence, according to the teacher. What do you think?

Here’s the ass-kicking comment on errors in the articles from my pronunciation teacher that concludes tonight’s QW piece:
“This is supposed to be an English school virtual as it is. But we have to be, you know, models for perfection. We need to be impeccable in everything we’d do as far as English is concerned. So this is for me unforgivable.”

(45 minutes / 357 words)

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